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How To Clear IES/ESE Exam – SK Mondal Sir (Made Easy)

Swapan Kumar Mondal Sir Tips To Clear Engineering Services Exam

How To Clear IES/ESE Exam – SK Mondal Sir (Made Easy)

In this article we are sharing the tips by SK Mondal Sir on How to clear IES/ESE Exam. Read full article and get benefited.

Dear engineering services exam (ESE) aspirants the most famous sir of the most famous coaching Made Easy – SK Mondal Sir has updates the 10 success tips on his facebook wall about what to do and what not to do if you are giving IES exam this year.

Swapan Kumar Mondal Sir is one of the most famous faculty of made easy, he is known by JUGAAD OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING …. he has the solution of every situation, the situation may be of exams or industry or real life. I am a big fan of Mondal sir and may write a many pages article on him…..

SK MONDAL SIR ESE 2018 Tips – How To Clear IES/ESE Exam

SK Mondal Sir wrote on his facebook profile that :-

My Dear Students, 
In last few days one should study meticulously and strategically to over power the mental stress. Final selection in the prelim largely depend upon the study management and examination management.

1. Don’t allow to develop the mental pressure

“KHUSH RAHO”. For this you should not compare yourself with those aspirants who have been better performers than you (especially in last moments of exam period ) rather at this moment compare yourself with inferior candidates . It will help you in gaining confidence as you can feel that you are better than many others.

2. Think about the worst situation

At the most what can happen with you, if you don’t get selected? If you can digest and are ready to cope up with this situation, then what so ever will happen (actually) will be always a gain for you . You always have several more options along with option of next attempt, so don’t take it as last attempt & consider that your success might be little postponed .

3. Don’t study new subjects in last moments

Rather focus on revising the subjects already covered. Reading new books or too many books in last moment may not be productive . Believe in yourself and your own notes already prepared . Devote more time in revision and practicing new questions. Last moment practice will help you in gaining speed , accuracy and confidence.

4. Revise notes

Especially focus on formulae and important concepts in your hand written notes as you need to be accurate and confident in these areas. Now don’t give more no of tests. One or two tests are sufficient now. Read one chapter and close it. Write all formulae in rough paper. Then go for new chapter.

SK Mondal Sir IES/ESE Tips
Source : Swapan Kumar Mondal Sir Facebook Timeline


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SK MONDAL SIR ESE 2017 Tips – How To Clear IES/ESE Exam

1. Do not panic

(yeh nahi hua wo nahi hua etc because everything will not come in exam, there are possibilities that those topics which you did not cover may not come in the exam )

2. Do not expect that you can revise entire Mechanical Engg. in 10 days

The faster you will revise that speedy it will slip out of your brain. For next 10 days just write write and write all formulae and points , do not put your pens down for next 10 days.

3. For objective at Exam center


start from question no 1 and if calculations needed do calculations on the question paper itself and tick on correct option. Exact calculations not needed approx value is sufficient for selecting options.


If you find any question that is difficult leave this and on the question no write ‘L’ and dont waste time. If time permits at last then all ‘L’ marked questions will be checked.


If you have any doubt on options (i.e. you are not sure) make a choice and write on the question no ‘D’. after attending 120 questions first check all ‘D’ marked questions. If time does not permit then fill the OMR sheet with the previous option only


After 2hr30min start filling OMR sheet. This work has to be after 2 hrs and not later than 2hr 40min ; because in a hurry burry either you will mark wrong options in OMR or due to time constraints you will not be able to encircle entire answers.


If time is left then first check ‘D’ marked questions and then go for ‘L’. You have limited time so there is a lesser possibility that you will get time.


Once the exam is over dont open your question paper to check the answers or discussing with your friends; just prepare for next exam. Once all papers are finished then you are advised to check solutions from made easy website (not from other institutes to avoid confusions). Then later seeing the scenario i will upload the expected cut off.

Remember this is preliminary exam 500 out of 1300 only not even 50% of total marks. Even If you have good preparation not best preparation you will have ample opportunity to make good score in Conventional and Interview and secure a good rank.
Best of Luck

(Copied From Swapan Kumar Sir Facebook)


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